Remote Concierge Care

Discontinued with the retirement of Dr. Higgins.  Please contact CAA.

“Without a doubt, Dr. Higgins saved my life. I have lived 26 years since my first defibrillator
and appreciate every day I get. Over this time, we have become friends and I actually look forward to our twice-yearly office visits. I hope to continue our relationship forever…”

  - Patient A.N.


“The world is changing. Everything is online or remote now. I don’t mind at all seeing Dr. Higgins on a screen as long as I still get to see him. To me, this is much better than seeing a nurse practitioner or starting again with a new doctor.”

"Medicine today is complicated, not just the medicine part but also the system of hospitals, insurance and physician groups. I signed up for this program just for the connections it provides. With over 30 years at Scripps, Dr. Higgins knows who to turn to to get things done. Whether I will need future surgery, other specialist care or just a guiding hand, I know he will be there for me."

“How much is my health worth?” I already have a concierge internist that costs twice as much as this program. This is a no-brainer to me. I consider it another type of insurance for my health."

“…I really signed up just as a thank you to Dr. Higgins for all his great care over the years. After all, he did save my life.”

"Why? It’s simple: Personal attention to my health care.

Concierge Medicine

Some may not be familiar with the concept of concierge medicine. Due to changes in reimbursement and a physician shortage, patients and physicians have recognized that often physicians were too overwhelmed with patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability. Hence the creation of concierge care about 20 years ago,
first just in the primary care arena.

Concierge means “caretaker.” Today, many patients prefer a personal caretaker physician as the current healthcare climate requires more time for care as well as help navigating the system.

Concierge care is a rapidly growing aspect of medicine. Currently, there are over 100 physicians just in the La Jolla area practicing concierge medicine. Typically, physicians limit their practice size to 400-600 patients from many thousands. Dr. Higgins is limiting his remote concierge practice to just 200 patients to provide individualized care.

The remote aspect of Dr. Higgins concierge medicine approach is even more unique. Rest assured, he will be easily accessible via his La Jolla office, whether reached with a phone call, email or text.

Dedicated staff will be present to assist your needs. Regular appointments will be similar to what you have previously experienced. Behind the scenes, specialized services will be provided as outlined in the packet.

Concierge Plans are now closed.  For continued care, please contact CAA office, and you may be rescheduled to see Dr. Cohen or Dr. Mendenhall.
Click call icon (mobile) or call (858) 658-0088 for more information and to make an appointment.

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